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Learn to Hunt Programs

Hunters with little or no experience can learn skills and techniques used to hunt different game animals. Courses are geared toward recent Basic Hunter Education graduates and include classroom learning and outdoor skills exercises.

Following a State of Emergency declaration and a directive from Governor Baker to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus, MassWildlife is canceling or postponing many events this spring. ALL LEARN TO HUNT EVENTS HAVE BEEN CANCELED.

Taught by volunteers, the courses utilize the experience and knowledge of seasoned sportsmen and -women. Courses range from half-day condensed classes to three-day, in-depth courses. 

Current Program Offerings 

One-Day Learn to Hunt Turkey Clinic

Saturday, March 28th, 9am-4pm: Monument Beach Sportsman's Club, Buzzards Bay, MA

This clinic is a free, one-day workshop available for new hunters ages 12 and older. This course is a perfect class for those who would prefer a condensed version of the two-day Learn to Hunt Turkeys Program. This class will also meet the youth turkey seminar prerequisite for youth ages 12-17 who have completed hunter education and want to hunt on the youth turkey day. New hunting families are encouraged to take this class together! 
Email to register for this class.


Two-Day Learn to Hunt Turkey Program

This free program provides two full days of training for new adult (ages 18+) hunters.This program is geared towards shotgun turkey hunters. During the seminars, you will learn and practice turkey hunting skills and techniques from experienced turkey hunters. Topics include shotgun shooting, calling in a bird, scouting and how to pick and set up a hunting location. The skills learned in the seminars will be applied during the spring turkey season while having a turkey hunting coach as your hunting resource during the season.

Participants selected to attend must commit to both days of the program.
The dates and locations for the two-day program are: 
       Saturday, March 14, 9am-5pm: MassWildlife Field Headquarters, Westborough, MA
       Saturday, March 28, 9am-5pm: MassWildlife Field Headquarters, Westborough, MA

Previous Program Offerings

Learn to Hunt Waterfowl Workshop: A free, one-day workshop for new hunters to learn and practice waterfowl hunting skills including: shooting, decoy placement, calling, gear and safety. The date and location for this year’s clinic is listed below:

Learn to Hunt Deer: This hands-on course provides training for adult hunters with little or no deer hunting experience to become safe, successful, and responsible deer hunters. This course covers deer hunting skills, including scouting for a hunting area, mapping out possible hunting locations, selecting the right equipment, the safe use of a treestand, shooting practice, and field dressing techniques.

Turkey Calling Clinics: These one-hour turkey calling workshops provide guidance as participants practice their turkey calls with experts! Participants spend the hour working on the one type of call; box calls, pot (or slate) calls, or mouth calls. Experienced turkey callers help participants with their calls. MassWildlife provides practice calls or participants can bring their own. 

Learn to Hunt Turkeys Clinic: This full-day, hands-on clinic teaches the basic skills needed to become a safe, successful, and responsible turkey hunter. Learn from experienced turkey hunters and practice turkey hunting techniques including shooting, calling in a bird, scouting, and how to pick and set up a location.

Love hunting? Become a mentor!

Become a mentor and pass on your skills and love of the sport! The Learn to Hunt Program needs volunteer instructors. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Astrid Huseby at