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MassTrails Grant Award Recipients Page

Once awarded a grant, this page provides guidance and resources for the post-grant award process from Grant Initiation to Final Close Out.

Grant Contract Documents

Below are the State Contract documents to be completed by the MassTrails Grant project's fiscal sponsor. Individual forms will be sent to each grantee upon grant award notification, however, the forms are shown here for pre-award review.

MassTrails Grant - Fiscal Contract Paperwork Guidance

MassTrails Standard Contract Form

Signature Authorization Form

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Terms and Conditions

W-9 Form

Electronic Funds Transfer Form

DCR A-133 Form

Grant Tracking Forms

Grant Reimbursement Documents and Guidance

The Reimbursement Request Cover Sheet must be submitted with each Reimbursement Request.  Below find the Reimbursement Request Cover Sheet for download, guidance on submitting requests for reimbursement and match documentation, and a Match Documentation Spreadsheet. 

MassTrails Request for Reimbursement Word Document

MassTrails Request for Reimbursement PDF Document

MassTrails Sample Match Tracking Spreadsheet

MassTrails Grant Reimbursement Request Guidance


Grant Compliance Information

MassTrails Grants must comply with State and Federal laws.  The MassTrails Grants Administrator will communicate with the Grantee about requirements specific to a grant project.  If follow up is required and not already completed, detailed information on both state and federal grant requirements can be accessed here. 

MassTrails NHESP Information