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Past OTA Events and Workshops

An overview of events, workshops and conferences hosted or co-sponsored by the Office of Technical Assistance and Technology (OTA).

Manufacturing Month with Mark Richey Woodworking Inc.

State and local officials as well as representatives from neighboring businesses gathered at the Mark Richey Woodworking facility in Newburyport, Massachusetts on October 27, 2016. The event was held in honor of Massachusetts Manufacturing Month and featured presentations and a tour of the facility.

Through a number of improvements and key management decisions between 2005 and 2016, Mark Richey Woodworking implemented alternative energy and renewable energy systems in their facility including a biomass boiler, 600 kW wind turbine, and 500 kW solar array.

The release of an OTA case study containing details about the company's energy related accomplishments accompanied the event.

Mark Richey Woodworking Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Case Study (PDF 357 KB)

Clean Auto Repair Trainings

In 2016, OTA completed work on the Massachusetts Clean Auto Repair (MassCAR) grant from the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). OTA created the MassCAR curriculum and developed, planned, and executed 6 trainings for auto body and auto repair shops in Marlborough, Worcester, Fitchburg, Bourne, and Boston.

OTA also did post-training follow up with all attendees and has performed site visits with those shops wishing to implement some of the changes suggested in the training curriculum.

In addition, the trainings generated media coverage in the February 2016 New England Automotive Report and Auto Body News trade magazines. View the full MassCAR Guide and individual fact sheets.

Safe Insulation for Homes and Buildings

OTA hosted 2 workshops for construction supervisors and designers, building inspectors and weatherizers.

Participants learned about how to prevent exposures and comply with the law, discover material options, pros and cons, and strategic uses and find ways for preventing problems with moisture, mold and pests. Speakers addressed ways to identify what can go wrong and how to prevent it.

The workshops resulted from interagency work that highlighted isocyanates as a leading occupational cause of work-related asthma, and was primarily intended to reduce exposures that can be caused by inadequate dermal and respiratory protection. Spray foam is not the only building material that presents hazards that require attention. All parties playing a role in building construction should be aware of toxic constituents and safe practices.

April 2014 Presentations (Zip 6.17 MB)

December 2013, Session A Presentations (1) (Zip 9.43 MB)

December 2013, Session A Presentations (2) (Zip 3.85 MB)

December 2013, Session B Presentations (1) (Zip 9.24 MB)

December 2013, Session B Presentations (2) (Zip 4.19 MB)

Saving Money Through Greening Hospitality

OTA hosted a conference in Marlborough, Massachusetts on water conservation and other greening opportunities for the hospitality industry. The conference, Saving Money Through Greening Hospitality: Reducing Costs and Attracting Customers Through Water and Energy Conservation, Waste Reduction, and Toxics Use Reduction, featured speakers from the hospitality industry, experts in water conservation, and government officials. Nancy Stevens, the mayor of Marlborough, welcomed forty attendees from the hospitality sector and other interested parties.

2009 Greening Hospitality Conference Presentations (Zip 4.54 MB)

Demonstration and Recognition Event with Seaman Paper

Seaman Paper Company and OTA hosted a demonstration site event at the company's Otter River facility in June, 2008. Seaman Paper made changes in facility operations that resulted in significant energy savings. The company reduced electricity consumption by millions of kilowatt hours and saved more than one million gallons of oil annually by installing steam system improvements, variable speed drives, efficient lighting, and a large wood-waste boiler. Currently Seaman is moving ahead with plans to install a backpressure steam turbine, which will cogenerate electricity from process steam.


Fundamentals of Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation

The Massachusetts Office of Technical Assistance and Technology (OTA) hosted a series of workshops in 2008 to help businesses learn more about energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation. The workshops included presentations from OTA staff, business leaders, consultants, and officials from water, gas, and electrical utilities.

2008 Water Conservation Presentations (Zip 2.45 MB)

2008 Energy Efficiency Presentations (Zip 6.56 MB)

2008 Renewable Energy Presentations (1) (Zip 7.67 MB)

2008 Renewable Energy Presentations (2) (Zip 7.83 MB)

Enhancing the Energy Efficiency Of Industrial Operations

This training was designed to assist those interested in learning about the U.S. Department of Energy's tools for industrial facilities, and available state and federal resources, in their work with facilities in the Commonwealth. 

2007 Enhancing Energy Efficiency Presentations (Zip 5.61 MB)

Safe Development of Nanotechnology Conference

OTA, with co-sponsorship from MassDEP, the Massachusetts Division of Occupational Safety, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and the Environmental Business Council, hosted a conference in November 2007 on the growing nanotechnology industry in Massachusetts. The purpose of the conference was to begin a dialogue between government and those involved in nanotechnology on developing appropriate strategies for assessing and managing the risks associated with the manufacture, use and ultimate disposition of nano materials. The conference featured presentations by nationally-recognized experts on what is needed to address relevant environmental, health and safety issues. 

Summary of Proceedings: 2007 Safe Development of Nanotechnology Conference (PDF 527 KB)

2007 Nanotechnology Conference Presentations (1) (Zip 5.14 MB)

2007 Nanotechnology Conference Presentations (2) (Zip 7.04 MB)

2007 Nanotechnology Conference Presentations (3) (Zip 4.24 MB)

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