PCA New Hire Orientation

New PCAs, hired after January 1, 2014, are required to attend a 3-hour PCA New Hire Orientation. This PCA New Hire Orientation provides new PCAs with important employment-related information about wages, benefits, fraud, abuse, neglect, and worker rights.

MassHealth pays new PCAs for this time; therefore, new PCAs must attend the orientation during non-working hours.

The fiscal intermediary (FI) notifies consumers of the PCA New Hire Orientation requirement. The PCA New Hire Orientation must be completed within six months of the initial notification. It is strongly recommend, however, that the new PCA completes the PCA New Hire Orientation at least two weeks prior to their sanction date to allow time for processing by the FI. If the new PCA fails to do so, s/he will incur a two dollar ($2.00) per hour after-tax payroll deduction for all payroll payments dated on or after their sanction date. The $2.00 per hour deduction will continue until the new PCA completes the PCA New Hire Orientation.

If the New PCA completes the PCA New Hire Orientation within two months of their six month sanction date, the payroll deductions will cease and all accumulated deductions will be returned. However, if the New PCA completes the PCA New Hire Orientation after eight months of the date of hire and submits the correct paperwork, the payroll deductions will cease, but they will forfeit all accumulated deductions.

Consumers may select from the following Orientation Delivery options by first indicating their choice with their Fiscal Intermediary:

  • Send their new PCA to a group session, new PCAs should contact the Home Care Training Benefit at 877- 409-8283 to register for a group session in his/her area (group sessions fill quickly, please register early).
  • Deliver the PCA New Hire Orientation to their new employee using the consumer taught option: consumers can request the curriculum be mailed to them (please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery); or request access to the online orientation training.  Your Fiscal Intermediary will send the required login information.

Detailed instructions for the on-line delivery training are available here:

Instructions (PDF) (DOC)

Change Passwords (PDF)  (DOC)

PCA New Hire Orientation Video on Consumer Choices

The PCA Workforce Council produced a video of two consumers talking about the PCA New Hire Orientation delivery options available.  It is suggested consumers watch this video to help them make a decision about which option to choose. https://youtu.be/nHCGeY9E_d4

For more information please read the frequently asked questions or contact your Personal Care Management Agency.