Requesting EEC grant funds

Grantees must submit a Request for Funds Form (RFF) when seeking a payment.

Request funds for all grants

If you are seeking a payment, you must submit a Request for Funds Form (RFF). We ask that you submit RFFs bi-monthly (every two months) to ensure there are no added delays. You must complete and mail your first RFF with the original grant application packet. The first two RFFs should each be for one sixth of your contract total. The process to determine your first two (2) bi-monthly payment requests for your grant is as follows:

  1. Count the number of months from the date of your contract to June 30, 2019. Example: Your grant begins July 1st and ends June 30th. Therefore, you would request (6) bi-monthly payments within the fiscal year.
  2. Divide the total amount to be paid by 6 to calculate your bi-monthly payment amount. Example: Your grant begins on July 1st and the maximum obligation of your grant is $90,000. Your bi-monthly request amount is $15,000.

All subsequent RFFs should be for actual costs incurred keeping in mind that the unexpended balance of funds already received must not exceed 20%. For example, if you have already received $30,000 in your first two one-sixth payments, you can request an RFF for actual costs minus $6,000 (20% of the funds received to date).

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