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SNAP community liaisons

In each office, the Department of Transitional Assistance DTA has a Community Liaison that supports the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

As part of the Department of Transitional Assistance’s (DTA) efforts to engage the community, our SNAP outreach unit added the role of a Community Liaison in each local Transitional Assistance office.

About SNAP Community Liaisons

Who are SNAP community liaisons?

In each Transitional Assistance office, there is a SNAP Community Liaison. SNAP Community Liaisons are SNAP staff who have volunteered to work with outreach partners to support their work with SNAP clients in the community.


What do SNAP community liaisons do? 

SNAP Community Liaisons:

  • Support clients, SNAP outreach partners and local office staff
  • Connect with community organizations, partners and advocates
  • Assist our Ombudsman’s unit and SNAP nutrition education liaisons
  • Attend local community events
  • Promote DTA initiatives

Community Liaisons helps us build trust with our clients and partners by providing another avenue for help.