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Transformation Performance Dashboards

Tracking the transition from MassIT to the Tech Services and Security secretariat

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Fortunately, Technology Services and Security (TSS) is data rich by the nature of the work we do. As an organization undergoing a significant transformation, using that data to track change and success is essential.

TSS, formerly MassIT, is bringing most of the the state government’s IT infrastructure and operations under one roof. Defining and measuring how this is done is a big challenge, but it’s one the strategy team and executive leaders are facing head-on.

Over the past several months, the strategy team partnered with each office at TSS to identify key performance indicators, set targets, and collected data to track the success of the transition. The team then worked with TSS leadership to prioritize projects and set 10 key objectives for the fiscal year to help the entire organization work as efficiently as possible. Part of this effort included creating and using a performance management dashboard powered by an open source data visualization tool called Superset.

This tool gives the executive team the ability to quickly pivot and adapt strategies based on the most recent information. The transition dashboard represents the type of data-driven projects that will help us work smarter as we transition to an even more modern organization.   

Devyn Paros, Deputy Director of Strategy

 "With so many network, security, and digital services projects moving at once, it’s critical for us to be accountable and transparent.  At the end of the day, tracking our performance will help us to better serve the public."