Vernal Pool & Rare Species (VPRS) Information System

An online reporting system to report rare species observations and vernal pool certification forms.

Please Note: The links below were updated March 23, 2018. Any bookmarks you may have saved will need to be replaced.

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Register for an account

First-time users will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Download Adobe Flash Player (FREE) version 10 or 11 (11.9.900.117 recommended)
  2. Register for an account hosted by the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EOEEA)
  3. Once you have an account fill out, sign and return the certification form. This will establish the electronic signature for all of your observations submitted through the VPRS system.

We cannot accept records into our database without a signature. By sending in this form, all observations you submit within VPRS system will be reviewable for acceptance into our database. All submittals will be marked "Submitted - Unsigned" until we've processed your signature form.

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Mobile Application

VPRS also offers a Mobile Application for registered users. The app allows users to capture select key data on-site for generating animal, plant or vernal pool observation reports.

The app has been designed to work with the following:

  • Android operating system (at least Android 3.1 ("Honeycomb") or greater)
  • 10" screen, if using a Tablet
  • Minimum 3G level of connectivity (direct, live connection)
  • Camera support (optional)

Getting Started with the Mobile App

***The Mobile App is unavailable for download until further notice***

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Preview the System

In order to allow you to preview the system and to help you see and understand all the functionality the VPRS system contains, we have created a series of tutorials outlining each section of the online system.

  • The "Home" page which displays your user account information as well as any notifications between you and the NHESP, including feedback on the system.
  • The Vernal Pool report which allows you to provide certification criteria, and report any rare salamanders that may have been found at the pool.
  • The Plant and Animal reports allow you to map observation locations and attach photos directly to your electronic reports from within the system.
  • The Survey Form which captures information about survey effort including number of visits to an area, weather at time of visit, number of surveyors, methodology used, etc. The results of a survey, positive or negative, can be extremely valuable for increasing our understanding of species populations throughout the state.

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System Requirements, Tips & Tricks

  • Minimum screen resolution 1024x768 (higher strongly recommended)
  • Adobe Flash Player 10 or 11
  • Add the VPRS Reporting System email address ( and the VPRS Recover Password email address ( to your accepted contacts list in your email. This way you will be sure to receive all notifications sent from within the VPRS system.
  • If you have the appropriate screen resolution and are still experiencing issues viewing the VPRS system on your computer try hitting the F11 key on your keyboard when in the VPRS web page. This should expand the page to a full-screen view. To exit this view and return to normal simply hit F11 again. Availability of this function may be dependent on your Internet browser or version of browser.