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Volunteers in the Parks

DCR Park Serve ~ Make Every Day Earth Day!

This year, due to the pandemic, we invite you to keep closer to home and consider doing a COVID 19-safe cleanup right in your neighborhood or at a local park with members of your immediate household.

DCR encourages 2021 Park Serve volunteering within state parks to be small, COVID19-safe gatherings managed through Friends of the Parks groups. There are many additional ways you can be a good park steward and share state parks responsibly with others.  Reading and following DCRs Core Four Principles for State Park Stewardship is priority one:    

Post How You Enjoy DCR Parks Responsibly!


Share with us @MassDCR on Twitter and Instagram how you promote shared stewardship of the state parks.  These special places belong to all of us—so it is up to all of us to enjoy them responsibly now, so we have them for future generations!

Your individual stewardship makes every day, Earth Day!

Visit Volunteer in the Parks for park stewardship opportunities available after June 1 when the agency expects to accommodate additional volunteer opportunities.