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Supportive Technology

Information about assistive technology and remote supports and monitoring

Supportive Technology is a term encompassing two services: Assistive Technology (AT) and Remote Supports & Monitoring (RSM).

AT can be provided exclusively or in combination with RSM. Our goal with Supportive Technology services is to increase the opportunities for individuals to achieve greater independence in their lives.

Assistive Technology Services consist of three distinct components:​

· Assistive Technology Evaluation of the assistive technology needs of an individual, including a functional assessment of technologies available to address the individual's assessed needs and support the individual to achieve outcomes identified in his or her individual support plan.​

· Assistive Technology Devices covers the cost of assistive technology equipment consistent with the AT assessment​.

· Assistive Technology Training includes the set-up of AT equipment, education and support that aids an Individual in the use of assistive technology equipment and devices as well as training for the individual's support network (paid/unpaid) or who are otherwise substantially involved in activities being supported by the assistive technology equipment and devices.

Remote Supports and Monitoring Services (RMS) provide for an off-site direct service provider that monitors and responds to an individual’s health, safety, and other needs using live communication, while offering the individual more independence in their home.
RMS is the provision of supports using communication and non-invasive monitoring technologies to assist participants to attain and/or maintain independence in their homes and communities while minimizing the need for onsite staff presence and intervention.

Remote Supports and Monitoring covers two-way “real-time” audio/video use technology delivered by qualified provider staff from a remote location and delivered on a scheduled and as-needed basis as identified in the participant’s Individual Support Plan. Use of audio and video devices will not be permitted in bedrooms or bathrooms.

Remote Supports and Monitoring must include an in-person backup plan, based on the needs of the participant. Individual interaction with Remote Supports and Monitoring staff may be scheduled, on-demand, or in response to an alert from a device in the remote support and monitoring equipment system.

Remote Supports and Monitoring service is always combined with Assistive Technology.

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