Executive Order

Executive Order  No. 621: Establishing the Housing Advisory Council

Date: 10/18/2023
Issuer: Maura Healey
Mass Register: No. 1508

Table of Contents

WHEREAS, the Healey-Driscoll Administration’s efforts to make Massachusetts more affordable begin with making housing more affordable, because the cost of housing in Massachusetts is now unsustainable for families, businesses, and our state’s future; 

WHEREAS, Massachusetts should be a place where every resident has a place to call home where they feel safe and secure;

WHEREAS, we can create a more inclusive and vibrant state by substantially increasing housing production, preserving and upgrading existing housing stock, supporting individuals and families struggling with homelessness, and fully harnessing the power of housing to create economic mobility for all;

WHEREAS, Executive Order No. 605, as signed on January 20, 2023, charged a Working Group of diverse stakeholders and senior government leaders with envisioning the creation of a new Housing Secretariat capable of spearheading state efforts to increase the production and supply of housing;

WHEREAS, the consultation, assessment, and advice of the Working Group culminated in the May 2023 establishment of the Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities (“EOHLC”);

WHEREAS, EOHLC is charged by the Governor with formulating and carrying out state housing policy; advancing innovative solutions to provide safe, accessible, affordable, and environmentally sustainable housing for residents; promoting vibrant, livable communities; identifying existing limitations on the production of affordable and market rate housing in each region of the state; and developing a comprehensive statewide housing plan to guide the production, rehabilitation, preservation, operation, and subsidization of housing;

WHEREAS, a comprehensive statewide housing plan must identify areas of need across Massachusetts and within specific communities, determine key priorities to inform housing policy, and determine how EOHLC will most effectively lead and provide funding and support on priority issues;

WHEREAS, EOHLC’s work must be informed by diverse stakeholder input, so that its goals and plans will be responsive to the housing needs of the full range of constituents and communities across Massachusetts;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Maura T. Healey, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution, Part 2, c. 2, § I, Art. I, do hereby order as follows:

Section 1: Housing Advisory Council

There is hereby established a Housing Advisory Council.  The Housing Advisory Council shall be charged with advising the Governor and EOHLC on the formulation of state housing policy and the development of a comprehensive housing plan for Massachusetts.

The Advisory Council shall be chaired by the Lieutenant Governor, or her designee.  The Advisory Council shall be comprised of the Secretary of Housing and Livable Communities or the Secretary’s designee, who shall serve as the vice chair; the Secretary of Administration and Finance or the Secretary’s designee; the Executive Director of MassHousing; and up to eighteen additional members appointed by the Governor from representatives of municipal leadership, housing advocacy groups, labor unions, affordable housing developers, market rate housing developers, and housing finance organizations, including one or more mayors from different regions of the Commonwealth.  Members so appointed shall serve at the pleasure of the Governor, in an advisory capacity and without compensation, and are not intended to perform services for any state agency.

The Advisory Council shall meet no fewer than four times a year.  The Advisory Council shall, at appropriate intervals, report on its findings and recommendations to the Governor and EOHLC. 

Section 2: Subcommittees

The Chair may establish subcommittees as needed.  Subcommittees may be comprised of members of the Advisory Council and non-members who are individuals committed to addressing issues relating to housing who possess experience and expertise useful to the work of the subcommittee.  

All subcommittees shall be chaired by a member of the Advisory Council designated by the Chair.  Subcommittees shall meet from time to time, as scheduled by the Chair or the Chair’s designee.

Section 3: Compatibility with Existing Laws

Nothing in this Executive Order shall be construed to require action inconsistent with any applicable state or federal law.

Section 4: Effective Date

This Executive Order shall take effect immediately and shall continue in effect until amended, superseded, or revoked by subsequent Executive Order.

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