File a water company financial and operating annual return with the DPU

If you are an investor-owned water company operating in Massachusetts, you will find information on how to file an annual return with the DPU on this page

Annual Returns

The Details

What you need

  1. Filing fee of $5.
  2. A complete annual return and all supplements, signed by duly authorized officer of the water company that is notarized or otherwise sworn in electronic format and by mail.  All annual returns must be signed or sworn to by the president or vice president, and the treasurer or assistant treasurer, and a majority of the directors.
  3. A paper and electronic copy of all the filing requirements. Please note that electronic copies must be submitted in Microsoft Excel or be converted to a searchable Adobe pdf document. §

The form for the annual return to be used by water companies is outlined in 220 CMR 79.03 and available as a template under Downloads below.  A submitted annual return should include:

  1. Water company annual return, including the names of and salaries paid to all water company salaried directors and officers. 
  2. The most recent annual report to stockholders.
  3. All annual financial or statistical reports regularly prepared and distributed to stockholders, security analysts or industry associations.
  4. Statement of operating revenue signed and sworn to by the company president, vice president, or treasurer.

Annual returns must be submitted by March 31st each year, for the previous calendar year ending December 31st. Failure to comply may result in the assessment of penalties.  G.L. c. 164,  § 84; G.L. c. 165, § 2


Name Fee Unit
Annual return filing fee $5 each

How to file

All water companies must submit electronic versions of their annual returns and the statement of operating revenues to the DPU at:


Mark D. Marini, Department Secretary
Department of Public Utilities
One South Station
Boston, Massachusetts, 02110

Kevin Brannelly
Director of the Rates and Revenue Requirements Division
Department of Public Utilities
One South Station
Boston, Massachusetts, 02110

More info

Any requests for extensions of filing annual returns should be submitted to Kevin Brannelly, Director of Rates and Revenue Requirements, at and at

If you need any assistance, please contact Paul E. Osborne, Assistant Director of Rates and Revenue Requirements Division, at 617-305-3669 or



Department of Public Utilities, 1 South Station, 5th floor, Boston, MA 02110
Kevin Brannelly


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