Cape Cod & Southeastern MA - environmental health investigations

See reports and resources about the prevalence of ALS and MS in Southeastern MA, Joint Base Cape Cod, sea breeze circulations, and more.

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Prevalence of ALS and MS in Southeastern Massachusetts

Ewings Family of Tumors (EFOT) in Barnstable County

Joint Base Cape Cod (JBCC)

Sea breeze circulations and other air flow patterns over Southeastern Massachusetts

Not available online

If you are interested in obtaining more information or viewing older documents, please contact the Bureau of Environmental Health.

  • Initial Report on the Environmental Health Assessment of the PAVE PAWS Radar at the MMR, 1999
  • Assessment of Public Health Concerns Associated with Pave Paws Radar Installations, 1999
  • Assessment of Childhood Cancer Incidence on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, September 1999
  • Upper Cape Cod Cancer Incidence Incidence Review 1986-1994, Final Report



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