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Logan Airport Health Study

See the study presentation, download copies of the study and appendices, get the executive summary, and view questions and answers.

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About the study

In response to a legislative directive, DPH/BEH conducted an assessment of health impacts of Logan Airport. We designed and conducted a cross-sectional disease and symptom prevalence study. The study focused on residents of 17 communities located within a 5 mile radius of the airport. Our purpose was to investigate associations between potential exposure to airport emissions and adverse respiratory, cardiovascular, and auditory health outcomes among residents.

We included input from key stakeholders, including:

  • Residents
  • Local health departments
  • Experts in the fields of:
    • Epidemiology
    • Risk assessment
    • Survey design and administration
    • Air pollution modeling

Study presentation

Copy of the study and appendices

Executive summary

Questions and answers



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