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Control unemployment insurance costs

Learn how to control your unemployment insurance costs and find information about keeping your UI Online account up to date.

Manage your UI costs

  • Forecast and budget for likely contributions due
  • Monitor monthly statements of benefits charged to you. Review these statements for accuracy and as a possible source for detecting fraud.
    • For example, you may know that a former employee has returned to work although you are still being charged for benefits

Maintain your rights to claims filed by former employees

  • Provide every separated employee with a copy of the How to Apply for Unemployment Insurance Benefits pamphlet
  • Clearly post a copy of the Information on Unemployment Insurance Benefits workplace poster
  • Participate in the Department of Unemployment Assistance's (DUA) decision to award or deny benefits to one of your former employees
    • Document the circumstances surrounding each separation for reasons other than lack of work
    • Provide DUA with accurate information in a timely manner
  • File an appeal if you believe that DUA awarded benefits to a claimant who does not qualify under the law

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Keep your UI Online account up to date

  • Keep your UI Online user ID and password in a safe, secure place to avoid unauthorized access
  • Keep your authorized users (including TPAs) up to date. If you need to request additional user access, complete the UI Online user designation form.
  • Make sure that your email and mailing addresses are up to date in UI Online

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Explore alternatives before laying off employees

Before opting for layoffs, consider the following alternatives:

  • Reduce hours worked by your employees through the WorkShare program
  • Retrain or reassign employees
  • Allow employees time off for a job search
  • Provide employees with referrals to other firms
  • Explore job placement assistance from the Department of Career Services

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Re-hiring after layoffs

  • Call back separated workers if work becomes available. Certified mail is the best way to do this. Let DUA know if you recall an employee who does not return to work.
  • Hire other UI claimants through your local Career Center, which lowers overall disbursements from the state trust fund
  • Hire smart and invest time before hiring by checking work histories and references. Workers who are laid off because they lack the ability to perform a job are not disqualified from collecting unemployment benefits under the law.

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