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Find ways to get to, protect, and enjoy the coast with tips from the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM).

Did you ever wonder how to best keep coastal waters clean when maintaining your boat? How about how to properly plant beach grass? Or how to find the best places to see a Piping Plover or enjoy the shore during the winter? This information and more can be found in CZ-Tips—CZM web pages that help people get to, protect, and enjoy the Commonwealth's coast. Below is a list of tips organized alphabetically by topic. 

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Coastal Conservation and Protection

  • 50 Ways to Protect the Massachusetts Coast - This tip includes 50 suggestions for protecting coastal water quality and habitats on Earth Day and every day.
  • CZ-Tip - Be a Coast-Conscious Kid! - This tip helps children of all ages learn everyday actions that positively impact the coast, including ways to keep waters clean, protect animals and their habitats, and more.
  • CZ-Tip - Get Your Home Squeaky Green-Clean! - This CZM tip discusses how to make—and buy—products that effectively clean your house and boat while minimizing impacts to coastal water quality and the rest of the environment.
  • CZ-Tip - Save Water - This page gives water-saving approaches and explains how saving water in your home and yard can keep coastal waters clean.

Coastal Recreation

Coastal Tales (Fact and Fiction), Podcasts, and Online Options for Staying Engaged and Informed

Coastal Wildlife and Invasive Species

COASTSWEEP/Marine Debris/Recycling





Shipwrecks and Archaeology

Shoreline Protection



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