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CZ-Tip - Save Water

Find ways to get to, protect, and enjoy the coast with tips from the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM).

Although summer usually marks the peak of water shortages in Massachusetts, saving water should be a year-round goal. Water conservation helps maintain water levels in rivers and streams, which is essential for protecting habitats as well as the quality of the water that runs to the sea. Sufficient water supplies are also important for the safety and support of people, wildlife, recreational uses, and commercial and industrial sectors, such as agriculture and forestry (including controlling wildfires).

To support efforts to save water, the Massachusetts Water Resources Commission developed Conserve MA Water, an online toolkit that provides a clearinghouse of information for Massachusetts residents, municipalities, businesses, farmers, and educators. Conserve MA Water includes tools, tips, and resources, such as a home water use calculator, drought alerts, a guide to understand your water bill,  social media outreach materials, and much more.

This CZ-Tip provides specific links to the Conserve MA Water toolkit—as well as additional local, state, and federal resources—organized into the following categories: Information on Drought Conditions, Water Conservation in Your Home, Water Conservation in Your Yard, Water Conservation in Your Business, and General Water Conservation Information.

Information on Drought Conditions

Water Conservation in Your Home

Water Conservation in Your Yard

Water Conservation in Your Business

General Water Conservation Information

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