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DCR Programs and Events

Learn about programs and events in state parks. Come out and play!
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Come out and enjoy your state parks system! DCR is offering a variety of family-friendly self -guided program opportunities including Trip-Tip self-guided family adventures featuring over 20 DCR locations and self-guided suggested hikes at almost 70 facilities statewide. Or, join DCR Staff for a guided program.

Be sure to check out individual park pages for fall/winter programs offered throughout the year.

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First Day Hikes 2022

Additional Resources

Self-guided Opportunities - Boston Area

Self-Guided Opportunities - Central MA

Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park

Brimfield State Forest

Callahan State Park

Douglas State Forest

Erving State Forest

Hopkinton State Park

J. Harry Rich

Leominster State Forest

Moore State Park

Mount Grace State Forest

Mount Watatic State Reservation

Nashua River Rail Trail

Otter River State Forest

Pearl Hill State Forest

Quabbin Park & Reservoir

Upton State Forest

Wachusett Mountain State Reservation

Wells State Park

Wendell State Forest

Willard Brook State Forest

Self-Guided Opportunities - Northeast MA

Ashland State Park

Bradley Palmer State Park

Breakheart Reservation

  • Stories in Stone   - There are five stops along this self-guided route. Each station has stone artifacts which correspond to an episode in the history of Breakheart Reservation. The map and written directions will help you find each location.
  • Suggested Hikes & Rides

Great Brook Farm State Park

Halibut Point State Park

Harold Parker State Forest

Maudslay State Park

Middlesex Fells State Reservation

Salisbury Beach State Reservation

  • Nature Trail Introductory Walk -Although less than a mile, the self-guided nature trail offers opportunities to explore the barrier beach and salt marsh environments. Trail extends from near the dump station and parallels “Z” St., ending near the boat ramp.

Walden Pond State Reservation

Self-Guided Opportunities - Southeast MA

Self-Guided Opportunities - Western MA

Accessible Trails

There are many different types of accessible trails in Massachusetts state parks. Any rail trail offers you a paved, level experience for access to natural areas and exercise. Several parks also offer accessibly-designed hiking trails in scenic, natural settings. These accessible trails are either paved or made from stone dust and are usually under a mile long.

Visit the DCR Universal Access Program Accessible Trails for more information

DCR Trip Tip Self-Guided Family Adventures

DCR Trip tip

Summer is a wonderful time to experience your state park system!  DCR is offering a variety of family-friendly self -guided opportunities to help you make the most of your vacation and throughout the spring.

Adventure awaits! The DCR Trip-Tip provides families with information and fun ideas to explore the great outdoors at DCR Massachusetts State Parks and Watersheds. With a little preparation and a sense of adventure, people of all ages can safely enjoy our beautiful outdoor spaces.

Share you adventure!

Tweet, post, and tag photos on social media using @MassDCR and #DCRTripTip.

A few helpful reminders for your visit.

  • Park in designated areas only, and if a parking lot is full come back another time.
  • Dogs are to be on leash in state parks unless signage designates otherwise. Dogs are not permitted on DCR Water Supply Protection areas. To find a dog-friendly park, visit the DCR website.

StoryWalk® / Earth Day Everyday / Fun in Nature

StoryWalk® Adventures
DCR Parks open books for you to read. Enjoy a nature-themed picture book while you hike! Or Walk along the trail and read the story, step-by-step and page-by-page! StoryWalk® Survey

Earth Day Everyday
To support Earth Day 2021, we’ve compiled activities, resources and stories to help kids, families, and teachers learn about sustainability issues, climate science, and actions they can take this Earth Day 2021 and every day. Visit DCR Earth Day for more info.

Fun in Nature
Investigate! Fun in Nature  downloadable activities to enhance your experience at any DCR park!    Activities include seek and find scavenger hunts to awaken all of your senses, a conversation starter set to encourage talks along the trail and creating your own story cube to inspire story- telling!

Additional Resources