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Learn about programs and events in state parks. Come out and play!

Fresh air and family fun are the perfect combination for your outdoor plans. Come out and play in your Massachusetts State Parks and enjoy a fantastic array of family friendly programs and experiences for all ages.  Enjoy guided experiences or create a park adventure on your own!  

Please call the park ahead of your visit to confirm the program is taking place.

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Interpretive Programs

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Our parks offer a wonderful variety of special events, nature activities, and educational programs for people of all ages and abilities all year long!

Universal Access Program

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The Universal Access Program ensures equal access to outdoor recreation in Massachusetts state parks. We're always working to improve and update our sites and buildings for you to visit. We also have specialized recreation equipment for you to use at beaches and skating rinks. And, we offer year-round adaptive recreation programs.

On our pages, you'll see the terms accessible and adaptive used. Accessible means a location or program meets the requirements of state and Federal accessibility standards. Adaptive means that an activity uses equipment and techniques that have been adapted to the user and their needs. If you have questions about whether you can access a site or a program, please contact us.

Go to the Universal Access webpage to learn more about accessible parks, forests, beaches, and events.

Watershed Education Programs

The Division of Water Supply Protection offers education programs to teach the public about the importance of protecting public drinking water supplies and resources. These programs are offered at the Quabbin and Wachusett Reservoirs where staff, exhibits, and materials help teach people about the history and important features of our watersheds. These programs are provided for the general public, school groups and special interest groups.

Watershed Education Programs

Guided Educational Field Trip Opportunities

For school and other educational groups, scouts, and summer camps.
We create a dynamic, hands-on, minds-on experience where each student is an active participant.
Adult learning groups welcome!
Programs are offered free of charge (Parking fees may apply).

Guided Educational Field Trip Opportunities in West Central MA


Self-Guided Hikes

Disconnect with cyberspace and reconnect with Open Space.

Self-Guided Hikes

DCR Visitor Centers and Exhibits

DCR Visitors Centers provide many year-round opportunities at which you can learn about our rich natural and cultural history, a heritage that tells fascinating stories of the past.

DCR Visitor Centers and Exhibits