Mental Health & Counseling Services

This page contains resources related to Mental Health & Counseling Services. These resources include services such as psychological counseling, psychiatric evaluation and treatment, inpatient and outpatient treatment. These services are most often covered by individual health insurance, such as MassHealth (Medicaid); Massachusetts Health Connector (health insurance marketplace); or Private Insurance. The Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (DMH) provides supplemental services for individuals with the most significant and persistent mental illness.

Table of Contents

Finding Services

  • Call or text 833-773-2445 for 24/7 mental health supports. This line is available for emergency/crisis calls as well as non-emergency mental health resource inquiries. You can also visit to live chat with a representative. 
  • For individuals with private insurance, contact member services, or consult with your primary care physician. The phone number should be located on the insurance card. Ask for referrals to counseling services.
  • Individuals who do not have health insurance can obtain coverage through the MA Health Connector.
  • For individuals insured by MassHealth (Medicaid in MA), contact the member services number on your MassHealth card, or consult with your primary care physician.
  • For individuals insured by Medicare, contact the primary care physician’s office or Medicare for a referral to counseling services. 1.800.MEDICARE (or 1.800.633.4227).
  • For individuals served by DMH, contact your local site office, or visit the "How to Apply for DMH Services" page. 
  • All Massachusetts residents are encouraged to encouraged to visit the Massachusetts Network of Care website. It is a comprehensive guide to mental health and substance use services in MA. Visit Network of Care

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