Ombudsman Programs

An Ombudsman is an advocate. The ombudsman service offers a way for consumers to voice their complaints and have concerns addressed so they can live with dignity and respect.


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Community Care Ombudsman

A Community Care Ombudsman volunteers their time to listen to concerns, identify solutions, and navigate a process toward resolution. The Community Care Ombudsman advocates for the care, safety, and quality of life of aging adults in a nursing or rest home setting.  

An Ombudsman serves as an advocate and helps consumers who live in the community to review and resolve service complaints that may include:  

  • Home health care  
  • Community-based MassHealth programs  
  • Home care funded program  
  • Federal private pay elder care programs  

Community Care Ombudsman services are available for free to adults aged 60+. Learn more by contacting the Community Care Ombudsman at (617) 727-7750 TTY. 

Long-Term Care Ombudsman

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A Long-Term Care Ombudsman is certified to investigate any issues that arise in nursing homes, rest homes, or assisted living facilities, so the residents who live there can do so with dignity and respect.  

As an advocate, a Long-Term Care Ombudsman works to resolve problems between residents and nursing homes, rest homes, or assisted living facilities, as they relate to the health, welfare, and rights of those they serve.  

Long-Term Care Ombudsman often act as mediators, visiting facilities on a regular basis and allowing residents to voice their complaints and work toward resolution with staff before issues can escalate. Anyone can bring a complaint before the ombudsman, and the complaint can be on behalf of a specific resident or on behalf of residents as a group. 

Long-Term Care Ombudsman support is free for residents who live in nursing homes, rest homes, or assisted living facilities. Call (617) 222-7495 to connect with your local Long-Term Car Ombudsman.

Additional Resources

My Ombudsman

My Ombudsman is an independent program for any MassHealth member.  My Ombudsman can help MassHealth health members when they have questions or need help getting benefits and services from MassHealth or their MassHealth health plan. They can provide information about MassHealth benefits and rights, listen to concerns, help address problems, and explain how to file a grievance or appeal. My Ombudsman cannot represent members in grievances or appeals, but they can explain the process. For more information about My Ombudsman, visit their website at:; email them at;  or call them at (855) 781-9898, videophone (VP) at (339) 224-6831. Hours: Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

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