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Resources for the #MAConsumer

The Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation (OCABR) and its five regulatory agencies work to ensure a fair playing field for the Massachusetts both consumers and businesses. Use the below tools to learn more about the latest consumer topics and connect with our state regulators.

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File a complaint

  • Department of Telecommunications and Cable: file a complaint about your telecommunications or cable provider including unregulated communication services, including Internet, wireless, and satellite service
  • Division of Banks: file a complaint about problems with a financial product or service in Massachusetts
  • Division of Insurance: file a complaint about an insurance-related problem in Massachusetts
  • Division of Professional Licensure: file a complaint about a licensee.
    • Confirm the business or individual you would like to submit a complaint against is licensed or registered by the DPL. 
  • Division of Standards: file a complaint about accuracy requirements and other standards relating to weighing and measuring devices and their use in the sale of food, fuels and other products.

Are you having a problem with a business in Massachusetts? File a complaint with the Attorney General's Office.

Are you having an issue with a home improvement contractor you have either hired or work with? File a complaint with OCABR.

Verify a license or locate a regulated entity

Get the latest OCABR consumer information

Brushing is the act of sending a consumer unsolicited goods for the purpose of building a reputation online by using the consumer’s information to create bogus reviews raving about their products, as well as to create the impression of greater overall sales numbers. According to law enforcement authorities and the Better Business Bureau, the scammers are usually foreign third-party vendors.