Wachusett Reservoir Watershed Education Programs

Learn about education programs offered at the Wachusett Reservoir.
Photo board at Wachusett Reservoir

DCR's Division of Water Supply Protection offers many opportunities to discover the nature and history surrounding the Wachusett Reservoir, which provides drinking water to three million people.  Programs are also available at the Sudbury Reservoir, the emergency supply reservoir for greater Boston communities.

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Interpretive Programs

View the brochures below to find out about the current interpretive programs at the Wachusett and Sudbury Reservoirs.

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Additional Resources

StoryMap Trail Guides

StoryMaps use maps, pictures, and words to help you on a self-guided hike in different locations around the Wachusett Reservoir.

Interactive Public Access Map

The Division of Water Supply Protection has developed an interactive map with detailed information about public access roads and trails, fishing, and hunting in the Quabbin Reservoir, Ware River, Wachusett Reservoir, and Sudbury Reservoir watersheds.  There are two ways to access this map: one is an online program that is accessible from your desktop computer or mobile device’s web browser; the other is through an App you can download directly to your mobile device and use in the field.  The mobile device App is recommended for use in the field.

Click here to directly access the on-line DCR-DWSP Public Access Maps. 

Please see the Instructions for using DCR Division of Water Supply Protections Public Access Maps in ArcGIS Field Maps for information about the mobile app.

Activity Guides and Environmental Education Websites

Videos and Resource Guides

Wachusett/Sudbury School Programs

Classroom programs and field trips are offered to schools and groups in or bordering the watershed areas, and to MWRA service communities. Program topics include:

  • Water quality
  • Properties of water
  • Watersheds
  • The cultural and natural history of the watershed areas

Group Visits

Groups larger than 25 people wishing to visit DCR/DWSP property must first obtain a permit from the Wachusett/Sudbury section headquarters.

Groups of 10 or more people wishing to visit the Poutwater Pond Nature Preserve must obtain a permit from the same address.

Download the permit applications:

Group Access to Wachusett Reservoir Watershed Permit Application

Group Access to Poutwater Pond Nature Reserve Permit Application

You can also request the form by mail:

Group Permits
180 Beaman St.
West Boylston, MA 01583
(508) 792-7806

Teacher Workshops

The Wachusett Interpretive staff offers teacher workshops on:

Additional Resources

Stillwater Farm

Stillwater Farm

The Stillwater Farm Interpretive Site in Sterling is an environmental education facility managed by the Division of Water Supply Protection.

This 55 acre site on the Stillwater River hosts an 18th century farmhouse and a self-guided interpretive trail. This facility provides individuals and groups an opportunity to better understand the connections between land use and community character, and between natural resource protection and land management. Stillwater Farm, through scheduled programs and events, demonstrates both past and present interactions between the working landscape and resource stewardship. Particular emphasis is given to watershed related issues and dynamics.

Stillwater Farm Interpretive Trail Brochure & Map

Kiosk Posters

Additional Resources

Why Dogs Aren't Allowed at Wachusett Reservoir

Dogs are not allowed on any DCR Division of Water Supply Protection lands in the Wachusett Reservoir watershed.  Dog waste is full of harmful bacteria, excess nutrients, and sometimes parasites and viruses. Parasites such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium can last for long periods of time in dog waste. When dog waste is left on the ground, heavy rain and snowmelt wash the waste into streams and tributaries, compromising water quality.

While all the open space around the Wachusett Reservoir seems like a good place to walk a dog, it is not allowed by DCR's Watershed Protection regulations.  People are encouraged to take their pets to visit other DCR property that allow dogs and reminded to always pick up their waste. DCR has produced a brochure and videos to further explain the impact dogs have on drinking water supplies.

Additional Resources

Wachusett/Sudbury Education Coordinator

For additional information or to arrange a program, please contact the Wachusett/Sudbury Education Coordinator:

Kathryn Parent
(774) 261-1809

Contact   for Wachusett Reservoir Watershed Education Programs


Field Headquarters
180 Beaman St., West Boylston, MA 01583

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