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Board approved nursing programs, statistics, and first time pass rates on NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN.

Board Approved prelicensure nursing programs and their locations In Massachusetts

For information on the approval status of all Board approved nursing programs, see our table of Approved Registered Nurse and Practical Nurse Programs 05/05/2020 | (DOC)

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The Board of Registration in Nursing approves prelicensure nursing education programs. In order to be eligible for the NCLEX, you must have graduated from a Board approved nursing program.

NCLEX statistics

The following reports provide information about how graduates of Board Approved pre-licensure nursing programs perform on the NCLEX -RN and NCLEX-PN.

Registered Nurse reports

Practical Nurse reports

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Admissions, graduations, & enrollments

The following reports provide information about Board approved pre-licensure nursing program statistics on admissions, graduates, and enrollment numbers.

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