About the Office of Local and Regional Health (OLRH)

OLRH priorities, staff members, and contact information

OLRH Priorities

  • Promoting a competent local public health workforce in cooperation with academic partners, professional associations, and other external stakeholders;
  • Assisting with improvements in local public health performance and service delivery including the development of shared services arrangements or public health districts that promote effectiveness and efficiency; 
  • Providing regular, timely communication of news, information, and data from the MDPH to local public health;
  • Developing resources for local public health in response to identified needs including those that promote the role of local public health; 
  • Maintaining a culture of internal collaboration and communication in support of local public health throughout MDPH; and
  • Supporting local public health participation in community health improvement planning including efforts to eliminate health disparities and increase health equity

OLRH Staff

Ron O’Connor, Director
(781) 774-6603

Shelly Yarnie, Director of Local Public Health Initiatives
(508) 792-7880 x2168

Erica Piedade, Director of Local Public Health Initiatives
(413) 586-7525 x3114

Lisa McCarthy-Licorish, Senior Coordinator for Local Health Communication and Resources
(781) 774-6608

Jessica Ferland, Local Health Program Coordinator
(781) 774-6749