Appliance Energy Efficiency Standards

State policy that sets energy efficiency standards for appliances.

An Act Creating a Next-Generation Roadmap for Massachusetts Climate Policy was signed by Governor Baker on March 26, 2021.  Energy and water efficiency standards for 15 new products were a key policy adopted in this bill.  Massachusetts had standards on the books for other products prior to the passage of the act, but the existing standards have all be preempted by federal government regulations. 

Appliance efficiency standards are the best energy and climate policy you’ve never heard of.  They drive large savings of energy and water for a very low cost by barring the statewide sale of more wasteful products.  The result is a transformed market where more efficient products are all that may legally be sold.  

Covered Products

The Climate Act added new energy and water efficiency standards for the following products: 

  1. commercial hot-food holding cabinets 

  1. computers and computer monitors 

  1. state-regulated general service lamps 

  1. high CRI (color rendering index) fluorescent lamps 

  1. plumbing fittings 

  1. plumbing fixtures 

  1. portable electric spas 

  1. water coolers 

  1. residential ventilating fans 

  1. commercial ovens 

  1. commercial dishwashers 

  1. commercial fryers 

  1. commercial steam cookers 

  1. spray sprinkler bodies 

  1. electric vehicle supply equipment 

Additional Resources for

Regulatory Process

DOER promulgated updates to the appliance standards regulation on 12/24/2021. The version linked was submitted to the Secretary of State for publication.  Please see the Massachusetts Register for the official version.  DOER will post a scanned copy of the official version when available.


Guideline Process

DOER will solicit public input in 2022 to develop Guidelines specifying how 225 CMR 9.00 will be implemented. 

To get alerts about updates to Appliance Standards, sign up for the DOER Email list named “DOER Appliance Standards.”

Compliance for Appliance Manufacturers

DOER has posted instructions for manufacturers to comply with January 1, 2022 prohibition on shipments of non-compliant products to Massachusetts.  Please refer to the certification page for more information.