Buy good food with WIC

WIC makes it easier to provide your family healthy foods that you can feel good about. WIC foods contain the nutrients that women, infants, and children need for good health and optimal growth.

Food list changes in response to Coronavirus (COVD-19)

The WIC Food List is updated frequently! Please check the “WIC Approved Food Guide” below to learn about all of the food options WIC has available.

Please note, we have temporarily expanded our food list to include additional options for “16 oz. Bread/Whole Grain” benefits. Allowable sizes include 20 oz. loaves of the following brands: Nature’s Own Whole Wheat, Sara Lee Classic Whole Wheat.

Check the expanded WIC Approved Food Guide (PDF) | (DOCX) for a complete listing of WIC foods.

Making the most of your WIC & SNAP benefits

Using WIC & SNAP benefits together can help you feed your family healthy foods all month long! Click here for helpful tips for shopping using WIC & SNAP together.

Complete WIC food list

You can buy healthy food and formula at over 900 authorized grocery stores and pharmacies in Massachusetts. From fresh produce to whole grains, WIC helps you choose the most nutritious foods for you and your family.

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WIC has electronic benefits and a WIC Shopper mobile app to make shopping convenient and fast!