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Fiscal Year 2014 CCPR


Fiscal Year 2014

FY 2014 WIA Title I Annual Performance Report
       Program Year 2013 Annual Report   file size 2MB

Performance Reports - Annual Report for FY 2014
       Tab00 Table of Contents  
       Tab01 Executive Summary  
       Tab02 Employer Summary  
       Tab03 Job Seeker Summary  
       Tab04 Veteran Summary  
       Tab05 REA Goals Summary  
       Tab06 Title I Adults and Dislocated Worker Summary  
       Tab07 Title I Youth Summary  
       Tab08 National Emergency Grants Summary  
       Tab09 Trade Performance Summary  
       Tab10 Labor Exchange and Veterans Performance Summary  
       Tab11 Title I Performance Summary  
       Tab12 Trade Performance Summary  
       Tab13 Performance Cohorts