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Get childcare and transportation help

These services are available to support you every step of the way in your transition to employment.

DTA helps to meet the childcare and transportation needs of TAFDC clients who work or participate in approved work activities so that children can get a safe start and parents can get where they need to go.

Child care

Here's how it works:

  1. Your case manager will give you a child care referral for any eligible child under age 13
  2. You will contact the agency listed on the referral
  3. The agency will explain the types of available child care and give you a list of child care providers with openings, or arrange for child care at home or with a relative
  4. After the child care provider has been contacted and child care arrangements are finalized, the agency will give you a voucher for the child care

You can learn more about child care from your case manager and the TAFDC Child Care Services flyer. A child care brochure is available at any Transitional Assistance Office.


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You can get $80 each month to help cover the cost of getting to and from work, approved work activities, and childcare sites. You don't have to request it. We will give it to you automatically on your EBT card after you prove you participated in an activity.