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MassWorkforce WIOA Legal/Regulatory policy issuances

MassWorkforce WIOA Legal/Regulatory policy issuances

03 - Legal/Regulatory Policy Issuances

Competitive Selection of Career Center Operator or Career Center 
Operator/Service Provider

Issuance: 100 DCS 03.114   Issued: 03/13/2020
03-114A: Appeals Process
03-114B: Request for Proposal Template for Operator/Service Provider
03-114C: Career Center Operator Statement of Work (SOW) Examples from Other States

Open Meeting Law: Suspension of Certain Provisions

Issuance: 100 DCS 03.113   Issued: 03/13/2020

Open Meeting Law

Issuance: 100 DCS 03.112   Issued: 07/09/2019

Department of Family and Medical Leave – Workplace Poster

Issuance: 100 DCS 03.111   Issued: 04/08/2019

Job Order and Referral Policy With Respect to Labor Disputes

Issuance: 100 DCS 03.110   Issued: 01/31/2019
03-110A: Notice to Job Seeker Forms – Job Order Referral / Internet Referral

Massachusetts Identity Theft Legislation

Issuance: 100 DCS 03.109   Issued: 01/31/2019

Public Information and Records Request

Issuance: 100 DCS 03.108   Issued: 01/30/2019

Conflict of Interest & Code of Conduct 

Issuance: 100 DCS 03.107   Issued: 11/16/2018
03-107A: MWB Conflict of Interest Policy and Code of Conduct Board Member Form
03-107B: MWB Conflict of Interest Policy and Code of Conduct Standing Committee, MWB Staff and Sub Contractor Staff Form
03-107C: Disclosure of Conflict(s) of Interest Form

Confidentiality for EOLWD and Non-EOLWD Employees and Contractors  

Issuance: 100 DCS 03.106   Issued: 06/22/2017
03-106A: Confidentiality Policy for EOLWD Employees  
03-106B: Confidentiality Policy for Non-EOLWD Employees and Contractors

Competitive Selection of Operator/Service Provider of One-Stop Career Center  

Issuance: 100 DCS 03.105.1   Issued: 07/06/2017
03.105.1A:  Appeals Process  
03.105.1B:  Request for Proposal Template  
03.105.1C:  Competitive Selection Bid Review Team Members  

Record Retention Requirements  

Issuance: 100 DCS 03.104   Issued: 06/06/2016
03-104A: Record Retention Requirements  

Proposed Regional Designations under WIOA: Request for Input  

Issuance: 100 DCS 03.103   Issued: 12/23/2015
03-103A: Proposed Regional Designations Map  
03-103B: Proposed Regional Planning Requirements  

Final Rule Released for Implementation of the Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity Provisions of WIOA  

Issuance: 100 DCS 03.102   Issued: 07/28/2015

Unified Workforce Development System Complaint and Appeals Process  

Issuance: 100 DCS 03.101.2   Issued: 05/29/2018
Unified Complaint System Required Elements
03-101-2A1: Unified Complaint System Common Steps
03-101-2A2: Complaint Covered and Procedures
03-101-2A3: Complaint NOT Covered and Procedures
03-101-2B: Jurisdiction and Timeframes
03-101-2C: Sample Informal Resolution Flow Chart
03-101-2C1: Complaint Process Flow Chart – (Wagner-Peyser Title III)
03-101-2C2: Complaint Process Flow Chart – (WIOA - Title I)
03-101-2D: Unified Workforce Development System Complaint Referral Record
03-101-2D1: Unified Workforce Development System Complaint Referral Record Form instructions
03-101-2E: Complaint Form 2014a with Instructions – English* 
03-101-2E1: Complaint Form 2014a with Instructions – Spanish*
03-101-2F: Unified Workforce Investment System Complaint Log 
03-101-2F1: Unified Workforce Development System Complaint Log Instructions
03-101-2G:  Unified Workforce Development System Complaint Process Handout /English
03-101-2G1: Unified Workforce Development System Complaint Process Handout /Spanish
03-101-2H:  Appeals and Hearing Process 
03-101-2H1: Sample Hearing Script-Oath-Opening Statement
03-101-2H2: Sample Local Notice of Hearing 
03-101-2H3: Sample Local Office Hearing Determination
03-101-2I: Training Provider Appeal Form
03-101-2J: Federal Contractor Statutes and Complaint Contact Information
03-101-2K: Training and Employment Guidance Letter 37-14
03-101-2L: Definitions
03-101-2M:  Complaint System Poster (English/Spanish)           PI 100 DCS 10.100.2 
03-101-2M1: “Equal Opportunity is the Law” Poster - English    PI 100 DCS 10.100.2
03-101-2M2: “Equal Opportunity is the Law” Poster - Spanish    PI 100 DCS 10.100.2
03-101-2N: Key to Changes Regarding Attachments

Initial Designation of Local Workforce Development Areas  

Issuance: 100 DCS 03.100   Issued: 05-20-15
03-100A: Form Requesting Designation as a Local Workforce Development Area  
03-100B: List of Cities and Towns in Workforce Areas