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Memorial Drive Greenway Improvements, Phase III

DCR is undertaking the redesign of the Memorial Drive Greenway between the B.U Bridge and the Eliot Bridge.
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Over the next year, DCR and its consultant team will explore opportunities to redesign, renovate, and upgrade the roadway and parkland. The project will enhance safety and the path-users’ experience, while improving water quality and habitat in the historic Charles River Basin.  Through a robust community planning process, DCR aims to present a design for Phase III in 2020.

More Information

This project is the third phase of DCR’s planned rehabilitation and restoration of Memorial Drive, as recommended by the Master Plan for the Charles River Basin (April 2002). Previous phases addressed deficiencies between the Longfellow Bridge and Boston University’s DeWolfe Boathouse. DCR is committed to involving the community during all phases of design and construction. A series of public meetings will be held as various design milestones are reached. To receive project-related emails, including public meeting announcements, please email a request to or call 617-626-4973.

Past Meetings

June 25, 2019 : Public Meeting    Notice  |  Presentation  |  Minutes  |  Public Comments

April 11, 2019:  Public Listening Session   Notice  |  Presentation  |  Minutes  |  Public Comments

Comments provided during the Public Listening Session and Public Meeting are available in the meeting minutes.

To obtain a file of images showing comments provided by the public on project area aerials and roll plans at the listening session, please email  This large file will be sent to you via file transfer protocol.

Public Comments

The June 2019 public meeting and subsequent public comment period generated over 400 comments to DCR. To date, DCR has received over 1200 comments on the project, including those 400 and others received during the listening session phase and on the online public input map.  The online public input map open from  April 11, 2019 to May 9, 2019  allowed users both to comment and to either leave detailed responses to comments or the generic response to comments “I agree.”  Commenters also had the option of indicating whether their comment related to a specific topic.  To explain the columns displayed on the online public input map comments:  The “lat” and “lng” fields include the geographic coordinates associated with each comment. The “Feature ID” and “Inputter ID” fields are unique identification numbers associated with each comment and the user who created the comment. The “Comment” field includes the main comment made on the map, and the “Additional Comments” field includes comments left by other users in response to the main comment. The fields headed “Is this comment related to a specific topic? Check all that apply.” reflect input provided by commenters, at their option, about whether their comment related to a specific topic or topics. Comments received by DCR via mail and email are available to the public at Memorial Drive Greenway Improvements Public Comments.