Ombudsman Programs

An Ombudsman is an advocate. The ombudsman service offers a way for older adults to voice their complaints and have concerns addressed so they can live with dignity and respect.


Assisted Living Ombudsman

The Assisted Living Ombudsman is an advocate and may act as mediator in an attempt to resolve problems that arise between an assisted living facility and one or more of its residents. Anyone can bring a complaint before the ombudsman. The complaint can be on behalf of a specific resident or on behalf of residents as a group. The ombudsman can provide you with information and concerns that have been filed against a residence. To contact an Assisted Living Ombudsman, call (617) 727-7750.


Community Care Ombudsman

The Community Care Ombudsman helps elders who live in the community to review and resolve service complaints .

They address concerns with services:

Home health care

Community-based MassHealth programs

Home care funded program

Federal private pay elder care programs

Call the Community Care Ombudsman at (617) 727-7750/711 TTY

Long Term Care Ombudsman

Long-Term Care Ombudsman Logo

The long term care Ombudsman is an advocate working to resolve problems related to the health, welfare and rights of individuals living in nursing or rest homes.  Visiting facilities on a regular basis, Ombudsmen offer a way for residents to voice their complaints and work towards resolution with staff. Call (800) 243-4636 to connect with your local ombudsman.

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