Outdoor Fire Safety

Learn about staying safe from fire outdoors including during open burning, when you use gasoline, generators, grills, or mulch, and more.
Brush pile burning in a field.


  • Mulch.  Mulch is combustible and can easily catch fire when smoking materials are discarded in it. Hundreds of fires start this way each year. Learn to prevent mulch fires.
  • Open burning.  You need a permit from the local fire department to burn materials outdoors. Learn when and where open burning is allowed, and how to do it safely.
  • Porch fire safety.  Learn to prevent porch fires by properly disposing of smoking materials, grilling on the ground, and keeping the stairway and pathway open and safe at all times.
  • Grilling.  Most people like to grill in the summer. But every year grilling fires cause injuries and property damage. Learn to grill safely.
  • Fireworks. Fireworks are dangerous and they are illegal in Massachusetts for anyone without a professional license. But everyone can enjoy fireworks at shows run by professionals and supervised by local fire departments.
  • Summer Safety Tips. Tips for summer safety on lawn mowers, travel, barbecuing, overheated cars, fireworks and first aid for burns.
  • Hurricane Safety.  Learn to stay safe during a hurricane.
  • Generators.  Learn to use generators safely to prevent fires, carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning and electrocution.
  • Oily rags.  Many people don't know that oily rags can spontaneously ignite. Learn to handle and dispose of oily rags safely.
  • Gasoline.  Learn to handle gasoline safely to prevent fires and burns.
  • Ice and cold water.  Every year, Massachusetts residents are injured in cold water. Learn about cold water and ice safety.