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Rapid Response benefits for employers

The Rapid Response Team provides layoff aversion and early intervention re-employment services at no cost to companies and their employees affected by layoffs and closings.


    Early intervention

    Early intervention allows employers and employees to communicate about worker concerns. The DCS Rapid Response Team services are customized to each layoff and to each company's needs and expectations, and all services are provided at no cost to the employer.

    Employers who have received the DCS Rapid Response Team services have reported many benefits such as:

    • Higher productivity during the layoff event
    • Lower absenteeism among workers
    • Lower unemployment insurance costs as employees are re-employed more quickly when services are provided prior to layoff
    • Potential higher morale due to reduced stress—employees felt the employer worked hard to help them in a difficult time
    • Decreased likelihood of  work disruptions
    • Media and rumor management; the DCS Rapid Response Team understand the often confidential nature of layoffs, and will work with the company to ensure confidentiality at all times
    • Better public relations for an employer
    • Providing information regarding any state or federal requirements or laws for notification, including the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notice (WARN) 

    Expansion and growth

    The Rapid Response Team also works with businesses to develop growth and expansion plans including:

    • Linking growing companies to skilled workers from similar businesses that have downsized
    • Providing access to job posting boards, job fairs and recruitment activities
    • Assistance finding qualified, pre-screened candidates
    • Testing and accessing applicants
    • Information on the labor market, training grants and tax credits