This complete listing of OSD forms is provided for your convenience. Please use the appropriate form based on the correct regulation or policy.

Contract Forms and Attachments for All Goods and Services

Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification (W-9) doc format of newMass_W9.doc

Commonwealth Terms & Conditions doc format of comm_TermsConditions.doc
pdf format of                             comm_TermsConditions.pdf                  6/15/2014

Standard Contract Form and Instructions doc format of standard_contract_frm.doc
pdf format of                             standard_contract_frm.pdf                  3/21/2014

Contractor Authorized Signatory Listing docx format of Contractor Authorized Signatory Listing Form
pdf format of                             casl-form.pdf                  7/2/2004

Authorization for Electronic Funds Transfer   11/18/2009

RFR - Required Specifications for Commodities and Services docx format of RFR-Required Specifications of Commodities and Services

RFR - Required Specifications for Information Technology doc format of req_it.doc


Contract Forms and Attachments for Human and Social Services/Purchase of Service (POS)

Commonwealth Terms & Conditions for Human and Social Services pdf format of TermsConditions_HSS.pdf

Attachment 1: Program Cover Page doc format of pos1.doc

Attachment 2: Performance Measures doc format of pos2.doc

Attachment 3: Fiscal Year Program Budget doc format of pos3.doc

Attachment 4: Rate Calculation/Maximum Obligation Calculation Page doc format of pos4.doc

Attachment 5: Non-Reimbursable Cost Program Offset Schedule doc format of pos5.doc

Attachment 6: Capital Budget doc format of pos6.doc

Purchase of Service Titles doc format of postitles.doc

Instructions for POS Attachments doc format of contract.doc

Supplier Diversity Program (SDP) Form for Purchase of Service (POS) xls format of sdp_form for purchase of services

RFR - Required Specifications for Purchase of Service (POS) docx format of RFR Required Specifications for POS


Supplier Diversity Program (SDP) Plan Forms

SDP Form 1 (SDP Plan Commitment) docx format of sdpplanform1

SDP Form 2 (Declaration of SDP Partners) docx format of sdprplanform2

SDP Form 3 (SDP Spending Report) xlsx format of sdprplanform3

See above for the  SDP Form for Purchase of Service (POS)


Other Forms/RFR Attachments (Generally Not Mandatory)

RFR - Other Specifications doc format of RFR Other Specifications

Bidder Current Environmentally Preferable Products/Practices docm format of Bidder Current Environmentally Preferable Products/Prac

Prompt Payment Discount Form doc format of prompt_pay_frm.doc
pdf format of                             prompt_pay_frm.pdf                  3/9/2007

Business Reference Form docx format of Business Reference Form

Commonwealth Title and Intellectual Property Rights docx format of Commonwealth Title and Intellectual Property Rights

Executive Order 504 Information Technology System and Data Security Disclosure and Commitment Form docx format of eo504
(Required for IT Service Requests for Quotes and RFR (except for solicitations posted under the Staff Augmentation category of Statewide Contract ITS43, or its successor contract), where the Contractor will be a holder of or have access to personal data or personal information pursuant to MGL c. 66A, MGL c. 93H and Executive Order 504 pdf format of Executive Order 504 (Mass. Register # 1114)


Bid Development and Evaluation Forms

Strategic Sourcing/Procurement Management Team Membership Terms doc format of pmt_terms.doc

Sample Strategic Sourcing Team Charter Template docx format of SST Charter Template

Minimum Recommended Department RFR Template docx format of Minimum Recommended Department RFR Template

Full Recommended Department RFR Template docx format of Full Recommended Department RFR Template

Instructions for Vendors Responding to Bids Electronically docx format of Instructions for Vendors Responding to Bids

Due Diligence Posting Template docx format of Due Diligence Posting Template

Sample Reference Review Form docx format of Sample Reference Review Form

Purchasing and Contract Management Forms

Change in Contractor Identity Form doc format of Change in Contractor Identity Form

 Purchase Order for Commodities and/or Services doc format of Purchase Order For Commodities And/Or Services For

Vendor Requirement Forms

Statewide Contractor Administration Fee Quarterly Reporting Form pdf format of Administration Fee Quarterly Reporting Form


Office of Vehicle Management (OVM) Forms

Authorized Driver Affirmation of Review and Compliance docx format of Driver Affirmation-Compliance

Confidential Registration Request docx format of Confidential Registration Request

Overnight Travel docx format of Overnight Travel

Request for Waiver docx format of Request for Mileage Waiver


Vehicle Driver Log xlsx format of Vehicle Driver Log


Vehicle Reassignment Within Same Agency docx format of Vehicle Reassignment


Special Education Pricing Forms

Individual Price Request docx format of sped_individual

Budget for New Program and/or Unapproved Placement xls format of blank budget.xls


State Surplus Property Program Forms

Surplus Request Forms doc format of Surplus Request Form
pdf format of                             surplus request                  3/1/2013

OSD 25 (Declaration of Surplus Property) docx format of OSD 25 - Declaration of Surplus Property Form

OSD 25N - Declaration of Surplus Property Need Form doc format of OSD 25N - Declaration of Surplus Property Need...