Massachusetts Prescription Awareness Tool (MassPAT)

Use the Massachusetts Prescription Awareness Tool whenever you prescribe an opioid. It’s required by law, and research shows it’s lowering the number of opioid prescriptions – and saving lives.

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Log in to MassPAT to check your patient’s opioid prescription history.

Why MassPAT is important

Massachusetts is battling the opioid epidemic on multiple fronts. As a prescriber you have a critical role to play.

Viewing a patient’s prescription history can:

  • Enable early identification of misuse, abuse or diversion
  • Prompt early intervention
  • Avoid duplication of drug therapy
  • Facilitate communication between providers and promote coordination of care

Prescriber experiences

"MassPAT assists me with consistent and safe prescribing when I see my patients. The alert feature helps ensure appropriate treatment choices."

Requirements to use MassPAT

Massachusetts General Laws Ch. 94C, Sec. 24A requires a practitioner to utilize the prescription monitoring program:

  • Each time the practitioner issues a prescription to a patient for any narcotic drug in Schedule II or III or a benzodiazepine

Chapter 208 of the Acts of 2018

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Register for MassPAT

Register online for MassPAT, the tool utilized by authorized providers that supports safe prescribing and dispensing of Schedule II through V controlled substances. We provide video tutorials with instructions for prescribers, pharmacists, and delegates.

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Visano - New MassPAT enhancement

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health announces an upcoming enhancement to the Massachusetts Prescription Awareness Tool (MassPAT).

On December 9th, 2019, all approved MassPAT users will have access to an advanced patient support tool called Visano. In addition to the existing MassPAT functionality, Visano will include the current patient PMP report, but will also offer a representation of the data in an interactive format to help prescribers, pharmacists and care teams access and more quickly and easily comprehend the data to aid in clinical decisions and provide improved patient safety and outcomes. Visano also provides tools and resources that support patients’ needs and connects them to treatment, when appropriate.

With this enhancement, healthcare providers will have access to all of the features and functions of Visano with a consistent look and feel for users who access the solution through the MassPAT web portal. It also enables delivery of Visano within Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Pharmacy Management Systems for those prescribers and dispensers in MA who choose to access Visano through integration within their healthcare IT system.

A brief video overview of Visano can be accessed here

Visano User Guide

MassPAT training tutorials

This video tutorial will review the basics of the bulk search feature, as well as demonstrate the additional capability that allows the delegate to assign each patient to the appropriate Practitioner. Delegates no longer need to run separate searches for each supervisor to ensure that each Practitioner receives credit for conducting a search of their patients. This important step can now be done within the same bulk upload.

The Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) provides training tutorials of the MassPAT system for Massachusetts healthcare professionals or delegate users.

Key Actions for MassPAT training tutorials

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Integration

Prescriber reports

Interstate data sharing

PMP regulations


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