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COVID-19 resources for municipalities

The Commonwealth has put in place rules, safeguards, and resources to help cities and towns support residents, businesses, and employees during the pandemic. Municipalities are encouraged to use the data, educational materials, and state and federal aid available through the Commonwealth. YOU have the power to save a life.

Table of Contents

Playbook for public alert systems

The COVID-19 Enforcement and Intervention Team (CEIT) has developed a comprehensive public messaging campaign to support high priority communities with persistently high COVID-19 case rates. 

Public Alert Systems, owned and operated by many cities and towns in Massachusetts, offer powerful communication tools to keep residents informed about the COVID-19 situation in their communities. 

This guide provides sample messages for texting, email, and social media. It will help you leverage this important communication platform for COVID-19 communication in your city or town.

Downloadable digital files and printed materials

These flyers, images, and videos are available for use by state and local government in their public messaging campaigns.

COVID-19 reporting data and updates

The Department of Public Health issues daily updates on case numbers through its COVID-19 dashboard. Gov. Baker provides regular progress reports, via press conferences, on the state of COVID-19 in Massachusetts. 

Get notified by text, email, or phone call in your preferred language by signing up for COVID-19 alerts.

COVID-19 orders and guidances

Federal and state aid for municipalities

Vaccine Resources