Housing assistance and court resources for Dudley, East Brookfield, Milford, Uxbridge, and Worcester District Courts

Summary process (eviction) resource information for towns and cities served by the following courts: Dudley District Court, East Brookfield District Court, Milford District Court, Uxbridge District Court, and Worcester District Court.

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Important Information (as Required Under St. 2022, c. 42)

If you are a party to a residential summary process (eviction) case based only on the non-payment of rent, certain protections may apply to you under the law. (See St. 2020, c. 257, as amended by St. 2022, c. 42).  Specifically, a residential summary process (eviction) case may be continued (delayed) if:

  1. the residential summary process (eviction) case is based only on non-payment of rent;
  2. the non-payment of rent was due to a financial hardship related or exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic; and
  3. a tenant proves, to the satisfaction of the court, a pending application for short-term emergency rental assistance.  

In addition, if the three (3) requirements above are met, the court must issue a stay of execution on a judgment for possession (pause a move-out order after a judgment for the landlord).  The court must also not enter a judgment or issue an execution (a move-out order) before the emergency rental assistance application has been approved or denied. 

Additional Information About Resources

  • For more information about assistance programs in your area, contact: 

RCAP Solutions
(978) 630-6771 

Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance, Inc.
(508) 752-5519

Court Service Centers

Court Service Centers help people navigate the court system. Centers are available to all court users without lawyers, and there are no income or immigration status requirements. Court Service Center staff can provide legal information, such as how the court works and different options available to you. They cannot provide legal advice. As of February 28, 2022, Court Service Centers offer in-person and remote services.

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