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MassGIS Data: 2000 U.S. Census Blocks

April 2003

These layers depict the Census 2000 Blocks boundaries.

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.zip file containing:
 statewide ESRI Shapefile (census2000blocks_poly.* | census2000blocks_poly_orig.*)


The polygon attributes (census2000blocks_poly.dbf and census2000blocks_poly_orig.dbf) for the Census 2000 Blocks shapefiles distributed by MassGIS contain the following items:

AREA N / 20 Area of polygon(s) in square meters.
PERIMETER N / 20 Perimeter of polygon(s) in meters.
STATE C / 2 State ID Code (Massachusetts = 25)
COUNTY C / 3 County code (FIPS-ID without “25”)
TRACT C / 6 Census 2000 Tract Code
BLOCKGROUP C / 1 Census 2000 Blockgroup Code
BLOCK C / 4 Census 2000 Block Code
BLK_ID C / 20 Unique Block ID value
BG_ID C / 20 Unique Blockgroup ID value
CT_ID C / 20 Unique Census Tract ID value
LOGRECNO C / 7 Common field to join/link to related attribute tables
REPDISTNUM N / 3 District Code
SENDISTNUM N / 2 District Code
CD108 N / 2 District Code
TOWN_ID N / 3 Town ID Code
POP_2000 N / 6 Census 2000 Population Value (from SF1)
DRY_PCT N / 6 Percentage of non-water area for the block
DRY_ACRES N / 6 Non-water area, in Acres
DRY_SQMI N / 6 Non-water area, in Square Miles
DRY_SQKM N / 6 Non-water area, in Square Kilometers
** - For the most accurate display of population density by Block, normalize POP_2000 by any of the last three items.

Related demographics tables

The following table, available in dBase format (.dbf), which provides detailed demographics information, may be joined to the Blocks shapefiles on the LOGRECNO item. See the Field Descriptions page for details.

Lists how many members of each gender fall within incremental age categories. Download (includes field description Excel file)

More tables storing demographics data that may be joined to the Blocks shapefiles will be forthcoming. In addition, the REPDISTNUM, SENDISTNUM, and CD108 items may be used to join these tables to the , , and district layers, respectively.


MassGIS updated the two versions of the Blocks layer in April 2003: a small number of polygons had miscodings in some of the MassGIS-added fields (TOWN_ID, REPDISTNUM, and SENDISTNUM). Additionally, the "DRY" fields were added to these layers.

Other 2000 U.S. Census metadata