Mobility management

Mobility management is a customer-focused approach to connecting riders with transportation services so that older adults, people with disabilities, low-income workers, and youth can access the trips they need to get to jobs, services, and community life.

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What is a mobility manager?

Mobility managers help people get where they need to go, using all transportation resources in a community. Mobility managers:

  • Are knowledgeable about a variety of transportation services in the area
  • Help individuals plan trips and arrange rides
  • May also work with transportation providers to help them meet riders’ needs and encourage them to coordinate with each other
  • Advocate to policymakers on the importance of community transportation, mobility, and access

You can be a mobility manager. Anyone helping older adults, people with disabilities, and others find and use transportation options is doing mobility management - whether or not your title is "Mobility Manager."

Tools and resources

If you work with older adults, people with disabilities, or others who lack access to transportation, check out these tools and resources so you can offer mobility management services to your consumers:

Learn about community transportation

Build partnerships

Create solutions

More resources

Examples of mobility management

  • Transition tool - created by Easterseals Massachusetts for educators to use to help students with disabilities become familiar with a range of transportation options
  • TRIPPS - initiative of the Brookline Council on Aging to offer mobility management to older adults in Brookline
  • Find more examples in the monthly MassMobility newsletter

Mobility Management in Massachusetts: A virtual forum held February 3, 2022


Navigating community transportation options can be confusing for older adults, people with disabilities, and others in need of a ride. Through using mobility management strategies, you can facilitate mobility - by working directly with consumers to help them become aware of and learn to use the options available to them, and/or by working with transportation providers and other stakeholders to coordinate and expand mobility options. Held February 3, 2022, this forum featured examples of how local agencies integrate mobility management into their work.


  • Welcome & introduction – Rachel Fichtenbaum, MassMobility
  • Mobility management in a transition program – Sherry Elander, Westfield Public Schools
  • Mobility management at an Area Agency on Aging – Ruth Lindsay, SeniorCare
  • Mobility management at a Council on Aging – Maria Foster, TRIPPS, Brookline Council on Aging
  • Mobility management at a transit authority – Angie Constantino, Greater Attleboro Taunton Regional Transit Authority (GATRA)
  • Mobility management at the national level – Judy Shanley, National Center for Mobility Management and Easterseals
  • Funding for mobility management – Jenna Henning, MassDOT

This virtual forum was co-hosted by MassDOT Rail and Transit, the Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative, and MassMobility.

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