Injury Surveillance Program

The Injury Surveillance Program monitors the number of injuries and poisonings among Massachusetts residents to help guide injury prevention activities.

The Injury Surveillance Program (ISP) at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health works to reduce the number of injuries to Massachusetts residents. We examine the numbers, trends, risk factors, and circumstances of many causes of injuries. Some examples of injury causes are falls, fires and burns, motor vehicle injuries, poisonings and drug overdoses, firearms, suffocations, and drownings.
The ISP also maintains three data systems in-house: the Massachusetts Violent Death Reporting System (MAVDRS), the State Unintentional Opioid Overdose Reporting System (SUDORS) and the Weapon Related Injury Surveillance System (WRISS). We provide data from these systems and from other sources to injury prevention professionals who may use it to develop projects and policies.

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