PC as a Service (PCaaS)

Eligible Commonwealth employees can expect a fully-managed, new device every 4 years - all for a predictable, per-device/per-month subscription.

Personal Computer as a Service (PCaaS) combines hardware, software, servicing, and financing into one predictable model, simplifying end user PC lifecycle management. EOTSS purchases, manages, retires and refreshes all end user PCs, and provides inventory asset management (including deployment and stockroom logistics), negotiates enterprise vendor contracts, and works with vendors to repair and replace PCs that are still covered under warranty.

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PCaaS Benefits

Transparent Costs. Standardization. Greater Productivity. Less Waste. Increased Security. Work anytime, anywhere*.

PCaaS Components

Hardware Configuration Services. Software Management and Delivery. Hardware Inventory and Distribution. Refresh Planning and Coordination. End User Support Services. Chargeback Services.

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Standard Hardware Configuration

Devices and peripherals are vetted by EOTSS to meet security and compatibility standards. Enhanced options are available to meet business and team/user needs.

Backup & Recovery: Troubleshooting and device warehousing for deployment and replacement is managed centrally for quicker recovery.

Software Management and Delivery

Enterprise software is vetted by EOTSS to meet security and compatibility standards. Standard software and user-based software packaging is available for download over a standard internet connection.

Backup & Recovery: Software and packaging is backed up and stored in a cloud environment.

Hardware Inventory and Distribution

Inventory is centralized in Woburn, MA with Deskside and Field Services Technicians who dispatch from 3 strategic Regional Distribution Centers covering 5 Regional support areas: Metro Boston, Southeast, Cape & Islands, Central, Western and Northeast.

Strategic VIP/Executive Support available.

End User Support Services

EOTSS End User Service Desk support and ServiceNow platform access is included* to report issues and order devices.

*End User Support will continue to be a shared support model with EOEEA, EOHED, EOHHS and DOT until fully supported by EOTSS.

Refresh Planning & Coordination

EOTSS will meet with Secretariat Designees on a Quarterly basis to review current deployed inventory, assets with expiring warranties/due for a refresh, identify additional/changes to existing needs, and get input on existing standard configurations and business drivers that may warrant a change.

Chargeback Services

All components* of PCaaS are combined under a single, flat, per-device, per-month subscription fee**.

Return the device when it is no longer needed. The subscription fee pauses and the device (and licenses, where applicable) can be reallocated to a different user.

*Except additional peripherals

**For FY24, there will be no cost for the PCaaS offering.  Cost/additional cost may apply for Enhanced devices, additional devices in excess of the number of users in each Agency, non-standard requests or additional peripherals and accessories.

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