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Central Office

DMH Central Office

Department of Mental Health Central Office
25 Staniford Street
Boston, MA 02114 

Direct Dial: 617-626-8000
Operator: 617-626-8000
TTY: 617-727-9842


Name Telephone
Joan Mikula, Commissioner 617-626-8123
Assistant to the Commissioner/Office Manager 617-626-8123
Crystal Collier, Chief of Staff 617-626-8031
Steve Barnard, Chief Financial Officer 617-626-8305
Stephen Cidlevich, Director of Constituent Affairs 617-626-8140
Daniela Trammell, Director of Community Engagement 617-626-8124
Glenda Hazard, Director of Communications - Media Relations Contact 617-626-8150
Star Sims, Director of Human Rights 617-626-8218
Investigations Complaints 617-626-8154
Marisela Ramirez, Assistant Director of Human Rights (Children/Adolescents and Community) 617-626-8139
Carol O'Loughlin, Director of Staff Development 617-626-8109
Joy Connell, Director of the Office of Race, Equity and Inclusion (OREI) 617-626-8133
Lester Blumberg, General Counsel 617-626-8233
Debra Leggett, Deputy Counsel, Director of Privacy and Data Access 617-626-8160
Katherine Gallant, Director of Investigations 617-626-8108
Karen Brady, Assistant Commissioner, Administration and Finance 617-626-8023
Kathy Sanders, M.D, Deputy Commissioner Clinical and Professional Services 617-626-8059
Teresa E, Anderson, Assistant Commissioner Quality 617-626-8308
Beth Lucas, Assistant Commissioner for Mental Health Services 617-626-8084
Jay Tallman, Director of Policy 617-626-8179
Janet Ross, Assistant Commissioner for CPS/Director of Licensing 617-626-8279
Brooke Doyle, Deputy Commissioner, Mental Health Services 617-626-8097
Nancy Connolly, Psy.D., Assistant Commissioner of Forensic Mental Health Services


Emily Sherwood, Deputy Commissioner of Child, Youth and Family Services 617-626-8086
Rob Walker, CPS, External Consumer Engagement Liaison 617-626-8275
Liam Seward, Director of Compliance and Emergency Management 617-626-8170
DMH Information and Resource Line 1-800-221-0053*

*This voicemail box is checked regularly Monday through Friday between 8:45 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.