Drought Basics and Tips for Saving Water

Learn what droughts are and how you can help yourself and your community by saving water.

What are droughts?

You can learn about what droughts are, how they are caused, and what effects they may have on the Commonwealth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Droughts

What are some tips for saving water?

Tips for Saving Water

What should communities do during a drought?

For Regions in Drought Warning:

  • Outdoor water use should be eliminated.  

For Regions in Drought Watch:

  • Outdoor water use should be limited to “handheld watering” with a hose or a watering can after 5pm or before 9am (to avoid evaporative losses); and
  • Filling swimming pools, washing cars and washing buildings should be prohibited.

For Regions in Drought Advisory:

  • Outdoor watering with irrigation systems and sprinklers should be limited to no more than one day per week; and
  • Watering with a handheld hose should be limited to after 5pm or before 9 am (to avoid evaporative losses).