Information for Private Well Owners

Learn about how your private well can be affected by drought conditions.

Droughts and your private well

During a drought, wells and reservoirs can drop to low levels because there is less water to draw from the ground. Your water supply will be affected if the drought continues.

Any water conservation efforts you make can have a great benefit on your own water supply, and the community's water supply. If you follow town restrictions and conserve water appropriately, you will help your community to have enough water for fire protection (the likelihood of fires increases as conditions get dry), public health and safety, and the environment. To help, you can:

  • Be mindful of the amount of water you use
  • Follow the same water restrictions that your city or town is following

Remember, even if you have your own well, it almost always still comes from the same source as the public water supply, as long as you are in the same river basin. Water conservation measures are critical and should be started early. Reducing your water use can save water for the future!

You can get more information about your well from your local Board of Health.

Additional Resources for

If your well goes dry - private citizen

  • First contact your town office, your local Board of Health and emergency management official to report your dry well and to determine if there are any local resources available to help.
  • If you need immediate hook-up to a water connection, contact your local fire department and/or school to see if you may be able to use their facilities.
  • If you have enough storage available at your residence, you may also be able to buy water from private water suppliers and tankers.
  • Contact a well driller to explore options such as well replacement, or deepening the well to access water lower into the water table. MassDEP has more information on well drilling.

If your well goes dry - farmer or small business

  • Contact your local city or town office, and board of health to report that your well is going dry;
  • A farmer may contact Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources for assistance
  • If you have enough storage available at your farm, you may also be able to buy water from private water suppliers and tankers.