MassWorkforce WIOA Apprenticeship information issuances

MassWorkforce WIOA Apprenticeship information issuances

22 - Apprenticeship information issuances

Registered Apprenticeship – Social Media Campaign

Issuance: 100 DCS 22-119   Issued: 06/21/2019

Apprenticeship Recruitment Announcement – Heat & Frost Insulators

Issuance: 100 DCS 22-118   Issued: 02/04/2019
22-118A: International Association of Heat & Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Union Application Announcement

Apprenticeship Information Session Announcement – Tradeswomen Tuesdays

Issuance: 100 DCS 22-117   Issued: 11/05/2018
22-117A: Tradeswomen Tuesday Flyer

National Apprenticeship Week

Issuance: 100 DCS 22-116   Issued: 09/25/2018

Apprenticeship Information Session Announcement – Springfield JATC

Issuance: 100 DCS 22-115   Issued: 08/23/2018
22-115A: Springfield Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (JATC) Information Session Announcement

Creating Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Programs to Expand Opportunity in America

Issuance: 100 DCS 22-114   Issued: 08/13/2018

U.S. Department of Labor Announces

Issuance: 100 DCS 22-113   Issued: 06/26/2018

Call for Ideas: Apprenticeship Expansion Continuation Funding

Issuance: 100 DCS 22-112   Issued: 04/09/2018
22-112A: SAE Continuation Funding

Apprenticeship Recruitment Announcement – Heat & Frost Insulators

Issuance: 100 DCS 22-111   Issued: 02/22/2018
22-111A: International Association of Heat & Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Union Application Announcement

Pre Apprenticeship Recruitment Announcement_Career Pathways

Issuance: 100 DCS 22-110   Issued: 01/02/2018
22-110A: Building Pathways Pre Apprenticeship Program Recruitment Cycle 17

Registered Apprenticeship Recruitment Announcements

Issuance: 100 DCS 22-109   Issued: 11/07/2017  
22-109A: National Elevator Industry Educational Program (NEIEP) Recruitment Announcement
22-109B: International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 223 Apprenticeship Program Open House Flyer

Third Annual “National Apprenticeship Week”

Issuance: 100 DCS 22-108   Issued: 10/31/2017  

Guidance on Registered Apprenticeship Provisions and Opportunities in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)  

Issuance: 100 DCS 22.107   Issued: 02/17/2017

Framework on Registered Apprenticeship for High School Students  

Issuance: 100 DCS 22.106   Issued: 01/24/2017

Building Pathways Pre-Apprenticeship Program Information Sessions  

Issuance: 100 DCS 22.105   Issued: 01/19/2017
22-105A: Building Pathways Information Session Flier  
22-105B: Building Pathways FAQ Brochure  
22-105C: Building Pathways Pre-Apprenticeship Brochure  

Apprenticeship Programs - Equal Employment Opportunity Final Rule  

Issuance: 100 DCS 22.104   Issued: 12/21/2016

National Apprenticeship Week  

Issuance: 100 DCS 22.103   Issued: 11/08/2016

ApprenticeshipUSA State Expansion Grants  

Issuance: 100 DCS 22.102   Issued: 06/29/2016
Concept Template  

ApprenticeshipUSA Information and New Technical Assistance Resources for Starting and Enhancing Registered Apprenticeship Programs  

Issuance: 100 DCS 22.101   Issued: 02/05/2016

Expanding Registered Apprenticeships and Pre-Apprenticeships to Create a Pathway to Good Middle Class Jobs for Youth and Adults with Disabilities  

Issuance: 100 DCS 22.100   Issued: 08/14/2015