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One Care Videos

Watch and hear members talk about why One Care works for them.

One Care has some great stories for you! You’ll hear stories from all three of the One Care plans. We invite you to share the videos with your colleagues, friends, and family.

They do this for me, Bill's One Care story

Bill’s One Care plan, Commonwealth Care Alliance, provides a level of care and attention that he’s never had before. Bill is a paraplegic and feels very fortunate that his care coordinator and providers visit his home and check in with him to help manage his care so he can continue to live independently. They also set him up with other services, such as transportation and dental, and make sure he can maintain his PCA services.

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A whole new person, Claudia's One Care story

Claudia is from West Springfield, MA and enrolled in Fallon Total Care to help manage her unique care needs. Claudia has osteoarthritis in her knees and back, and uses behavioral health services. She believes that One Care has been a great resource to help her with transportation to and from the doctor and paying for her prescriptions and appointments. Her care coordinator, called a navigator, also helped during a very critical time in her life.

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Living independently, Laura's One Care story

Laura appreciates the services to which her One Care plan, Tufts Health Plan – Network Health, has connected her. With One Care, she has Meals on Wheels, a new doctor that is close to home, phone services, and a visiting nurse. These services and resources support her goal of living independently in her community. She is also grateful to be able to call anyone on her care team when she needs to.

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Believing in me, Deborah's One Care story

Deborah lives in Revere, MA and is happy to have all of her care and services together in her One Care plan: Tufts Health Plan - Network Health. Deborah has heart disease and with One Care she now has her own cardiologist to help her manage it. She learned about One Care in the mail and was pleased with the dental benefits and the lack of copayments for prescriptions or appointments. Deborah also appreciates knowing that every week she has a standing appointment to meet with a counselor to talk about things that are on her mind.

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You're not in this alone, Nancy's One Care story

With One Care, Nancy has the support of a care coordinator and a care team, so she doesn’t feel like she’s alone. Nancy was pleased that with Tufts Health Plan – Network Health she could keep her prescriptions, doctors, and personal care attendant services in One Care. She researched her options and made a decision that was right for her – and she’s happy to know that she can change her mind if she wants. Nancy’s One Care plan has made things simpler for her.

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I'll stick with it, Gino's One Care story

Gino is from Worcester, MA and has diabetes. Over the past few years, Gino has become alcohol- and smoke-free and works hard to be physically active. Tufts Health Plan – Network Health has helped Gino to stay healthy with support from his care coordinator and the additional dental and vision benefits.

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