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Supreme Judicial Court Rules

Supreme Judicial Court Rules Supreme Judicial Court Rule 2:02: Form and indorsement of papers

Effective Date: 01/01/1981
Referenced Sources: See SJC Rule 1:08

(Applicable to all cases)


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Rule 2:02

All papers filed in the county court shall be legibly typed with double spacing. The page shall be eight and three-eighths or eight and one-half inches in width and ten and three-fourths or eleven inches in height. The left hand margin shall be not less than one and three-fourths inches. The right hand margin shall be not less than one inch. Documents shall be bound at the left side only. They shall be filed unfolded except applications for admission to the bar.

All information required by S.J.C. Rule 1:08 shall be indorsed on the paper before filing in the clerk's office.

In case of failure to comply with this rule, the court may entertain a motion to strike such paper from the files, and may allow such motion to strike or deny it upon terms against the party at fault.



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