Supreme Judicial Court Rules

Supreme Judicial Court Rules  Supreme Judicial Court Rule 4:07: Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers Fund and Oversight Committee

Effective Date: 01/01/1998

Table of Contents

Section 1

Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, Inc. (LCL) provides programs to assist lawyers, judges, other legal professionals and law students who may be impaired in their ability to function as a result of the disease of addiction, including but not limited to alcoholism or other chemical dependency. In addition, LCL provides assessment and referral services with respect to other psychological, emotional and physical impairments that might interfere with an individual's capacity to function as a lawyer. The Board shall bill and collect the portion of the annual registration fee designated by the court for LCL to provide funds for the operation of the lawyers assistance programs and, upon receipt, shall hold the funds collected in trust as a separate fund for LCL. The court shall appoint an LCL Oversight Committee (hereinafter the Committee) to oversee the appropriate use of the fund so set apart for the operation of LCL. The court shall appoint to the Committee a representative from LCL, a present or former member of the Board of Bar Overseers, a present or former member of the Clients' Security Board, and three or more members of the Massachusetts bar.

Section 2

(1) The Committee, as initially constituted, shall consist of such members as the court may determine, to be selected by the court as soon as reasonably practicable after the adoption of this rule. Thereafter the court, by order, shall request the submission of nominations to fill vacancies in such manner as it may determine. LCL, the Board of Bar Overseers, the Clients' Security Board, the Massachusetts Bar Association, and each county bar association (including the Boston Bar Association as the bar association for Suffolk County) may nominate a person to fill a vacancy in the Committee. Any attorney may also submit in writing the names of nominees. The court may, but need not, make appointments to the Committee from the nominees so submitted. The court shall from time to time designate one member of the Committee as Chair and another as Vice Chair to act in the absence, for any cause, of the Chair.

(2) When the Committee is first selected, approximately one third of the members shall be appointed for a term of three years, one third for a term of two years, and one third for a term of one year. Subsequent appointments to the Committee shall be for a term of four years. No member shall be appointed to more than two consecutive full terms but (a) a member appointed for less than a full term (originally or to fill a vacancy) may serve two consecutive full terms in addition to such part of a full term, and (b) a former member shall again be eligible for appointment after a lapse of at least one year. The Committee shall act only with the concurrence of a majority of the members who are present provided, however, that a quorum shall be constituted of a majority of the Committee. A member whose term has expired shall continue in office until a successor is appointed.

Section 3

(1) LCL shall annually, and at such additional times as the court may order, cause to be performed an independent audit of its books by a certified public accountant. Further, LCL shall annually, and at such additional times as the court may order, file with the court a written report of its operations. Copies of such audit and report will be furnished to the Committee.

(2) At least annually, LCL shall prepare and submit to the Committee for approval a budget of its financial requirements for the period covered by such budget. Upon approval of such budget, the Committee shall authorize in writing disbursement for such period from the funds held by the Board for LCL's account. Pursuant to such authority, disbursement shall be made at such times and in such manner as LCL may from time to time request of the Board in writing.

Section 4

 Members of LCL and its staff shall be immune from liability for any good faith conduct in the course of their official duties.

Section 5

Pursuant to the provisions of Mass. R. Prof. C. 1.6(c) (Rule 3:07), a lawyer participating in an LCL program to provide lawyer assistance, as defined in Mass. R. Prof. C. 1.6(c) , may require a person acting under the lawyer's supervision or control to sign a non disclosure form approved by the Supreme Judicial Court.

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