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Supreme Judicial Court Rules

Supreme Judicial Court Rules Supreme Judicial Court Rule 2:19: Reviews of orders of Department of Public Utilities

Effective Date: 07/01/1981

(Applicable to proceedings to review orders, etc., of the Department of Public Utilities)


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Rule 2:19

So far as the Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure are applicable, they shall govern proceedings brought under the provisions of G. L. c. 25, § 5 , or acts in amendment thereof.

Unless the interests of justice plainly require, no stay of an order of the department of public utilities shall be ordered except after notice to the Attorney General or the commissioners of the department.

An order of the department fixing the rates, fares, charges, or prices for service furnished by a person or corporation under its jurisdiction shall not be stayed unless provision be made by the party applying for such stay by bond or other security for the repayment, in the event the order is finally sustained, of so much of rates, fares, charges, or prices collected, while such stay is in effect, as is in excess of those fixed in the order.




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