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Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

  • UCC forms, Mass. Secretary of State, Corporations Division.


Note: There is no vaccination exemption form. As provided on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts School Immunizations web page, medical exemptions come from the student’s doctor and document a contraindication — the reason why an individual cannot medically receive the vaccine. Religious exemptions come from the parent/guardian/individual, and state in writing that a vaccine conflicts with his/her/their sincerely held religious belief.




Wills and estates

Note: There is no official Massachusetts will form, and we cannot ensure the accuracy of sample wills available on the public internet. We are happy to supply sample wills and forms from our legal resources, but we are unable to link to them here. Please contact the Trial Court Law Library location closest to you or email for sample wills. When requesting, please provide the following information: if you are married and/or if you have children.

Workers' compensation

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